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A good day

Well, today was, on balance, a fairly good day.

Got up and did very little. Watched TV from noon to four-thirty, with a brief break to talkstick with my RL friend Michael--I'll probably do something with him tomorrow. Then my Thinkgeek stuff came.

The ph34r t3h cute ones shirt was exactly what I expected, and I love it already. The picture on the anti-RIAA shirt was bigger than I thought it would be, which is nice, since the picture looked a bit too understated. The bag is...well, I like it, although it's a bit smaller than I thought it would be. (Not too small, though--a laptop fits comfortably inside, and that's the biggest thing I'd ever carry in it. I probably thought it was bigger because comic Piro's a midget. ;^) ) I'll get to the "problem" a bit later.

Mom came home too. She broght me three British computer magazines (and, more importantly, the CDs full of free software that come with them) and a Stephen Hawking book I haven't read yet, Black Holes and Baby Universes. Excellent choices for both. :^)

My sister's a gymnast (level six, so she competes in local competitions), so when she heard two years ago that the world gymnastics championships were going to be in Anaheim (twenty minutes away), she made sure we got a full set of tickets. So far, she's gone to every session--even the men's competitions and the practice sessions. Usually Dad's gone with her, but tonight he had a hockey game, so he couldn't go. So I got to go instead.

To make this clear from the outset, I volunteered, and I did so because I wanted to go. I'm certainly not a gymnastics fanatic, but I can certainly watch cute girls in leotards do impossible things with their bodies for a few hours. ;^) Besides, tonight's round was the women's team finals, not a practice or prelim session.

I needed a shower, so I went upstairs and took a quick one. I put on my new MT shirt and put the new book and my CD player into the new pack. (The CD player is pretty new too--it's from June--so I guess you could say I was using all new stuff.) I came downstairs; my sister wasn't quite ready, as females often aren't, so I sat down on the couch.

It was at this point that Mom noticed the bag, and...

Mom: It looks like a purse.
Me: *rolls eyes* It's from a comic I read.
Mom: Is it (the "purse") for girls?
Me: Uh, no. There's only one character who uses one, and he's a guy. The artist uses one too.
Mom: Oh. *pauses* But the character's Japanese, right?
Me: Uh, no, actually he's American.
Mom: Oh. *pauses* But the artist's Japanese, right?
Me: Uh, no. It's a comic about American guys living in Japan, drawn by an American guy in Japanese style.
Mom: Oh. *pauses* But it still looks like a purse.
Sister: She's right, you know.

Ergh. I took it anyway. Whatever they think of it, I like this bag.

So, we drove to the Pond (the arena in Anaheim). As usual, there was traffic, but that's pretty usual. When we got to the Pond, Dad tried to drop us off, but there was no drop-off place. He dropped my sister off first, then drove a little more (to keep from stopping traffic) until traffic stopped again.

I started to get out, but a traffic cop ordered me back in. *sighs* He didn't have another chance to drop me off until we passed the arena entirely, so I had to run the outside length of the place to meet up with my sister.

We got to the front gate (after passing through security) and tried to get in. My sister showed her ticket, but I didn't have mine. She insisted that Dad had given mine to me, something I didn't remember him doing. We each searched ourselves before she finally found it in her purse--exactly where I thought it would be. *rolls eyes*

So, we got in, sat down and enjoyed the show. Our seats were excellent--fourth row, not too far from the center--probably because we reserved early. My sister's gym coaches were in the first row of the same section.

Final results: US won first place, Romania second, Australia third. The Chinese were doing really well, until they fucked up royally on floor--all three of them fell. Oops.

By the way, if you see a guy with brown hair, brown eyes and a ph34r t3h cute ones shirt, it's probably me. :^)

We watched the award ceremonies from a box on the club level--(here goes) my sister's teammate's father is the Ducks equipment manager, and apparently he had access to one. Nice present for his gymnast daughter, huh? :^) My sister sat with her teammate on the steps and I sat in a nice leather chair.

After that, the place emptied out. It was about 9:00; Dad had a hockey game tonight, and Mom was dead from jet lag, so we had to wait until 10:30. I wanted to go to a nearby food court thingy, since neither of us had had dinner, but my sister wanted to stay at the arena. She eventually won out, so we sat around. I read my book; she borrowed my CD player (good thing I got her hooked on Evanescence).

She got a call on the cell, but she couldn't get her purse open fast enough to get it; the number was unfamiliar, for reasons we haven't yet figured out. A couple minutes later, the van (not the same car Dad had used before) came careening around a corner. We had to run most of the length of the rink to catch up, and Dad was rather shocked when I banged on the sliding door's window.

We got into the car and drove home--no traffic this time. We ate when we got home and I came back to the computer, where I received the good news that the Filespace server change-over was finished. I also got the even better news that the Matrix Revolutions trailer was now out. Wai~!

Actually, the biggest blight on my day was finding out that Sango-chan had a bad one--second-hand, through C-kun's LJ. She hasn't been on yet--perhaps tomorrow morning...

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