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Blast from the Past

I've put a lot of stuff on my website over time. One of the sites I was hosting was for a Matrix RPG called Future of Zion. When I moved everything over to Navi, I checked the old message board and found out that the game had been ended, so I didn't bother fixing the code to work on Navi. I also sent an e-mail to Tink, the woman in charge of the game, to ask if I should just delete it permanently.

Well, I got my reply today. Apparently, FoZ is being revived, and she wanted to get some of the content off the site. So, being the geek I am, I fixed the site up and linked her to it instead of copy-and-pasting the content.

I don't think I'll rejoin the game--it was fun and all, but I'm not really that interested. Still, it was kinda nice to know that all the work I put into that game will once again serve as backstory for a living, active game.

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