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Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition
User Number: 1225062
Date Created:2003-08-01
Number of Posts: 394

Brent is a born-and-bred hacker, more comfortable in the digital world than the real one. When not making a computer do his bidding, he dives into fantasy worlds--games, RPs, writing, books. He doesn't get out much, but that doesn't exactly bother him.
Strengths: Loyal, intelligent, slow to anger, problem-solver, straightforward, logical.
Weaknesses: Arrogant, elitist, socially retarded, stubborn, unattractive, willing to take shortcuts.
Special Skills: Age Disguise, CSS-fu, Deep Hack Mode, Insightful Drabble, Makoto-rin's Master LART, Midnight Coding Spree, Quantum Physics Explanation KO, Sysadmin's Rage.
Weapons: LART.
Enemies: Spammers, script kiddies, Java and Python hackers, n00bs, and idiots of all sorts.

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