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li'l help, please?

About half-finished with the Japanese assignment due tomorrow. Those who know something about it, can you check the following snippets? (Yeah, I've kinda stolen some last names from both MT:tC and real friends. Mostly because I don't know many Japanese names, and "Royal-Gordon" is a bitch to mangle, but also because I don't have a wife, can't sing, etc.)

yukishiro: risumanusan, oshigoto wa.
risumanu: purogurama desu.
yukishiro: aa, sou desu ka. okuni wa.
risumanu: amerika no kariforunia desu.

makiko: itsu nihon ni irashaimashita ka?
risumanu: kinou desu.
makiko: sou ka. itsu made irashaimasu ka?
risumanu: raigetsu made desu.

hoturi: gokazoku wa.
risumanu: kanai desu.
hoturi: sou ka. shashin desu ka?
risumanu: hai.

einado: goshokaishimasu. purogurama no benetusan desu.
benetu: hajimemashite, benetu desu.
[einado e] kawaii desu!
einado: kanai to musume desu.
benetu: ano…sumi...masen…
benetu wa ochinobimasu.

puesu: o/` Kono basho de yuri no hanasaku kono basho de utatteru o/`
ishikari: buraboo!
takahashi: karaoke ga ojouzu desu ne!
puesu: arigato gozaimasu.

Lyrics from “Dragon Ash - Yuri no Saku Basho de” (part of a small collection of MP3s I listen to while studying Japanese). I haven’t seen a translation, and they’re a hip-hop band, so with my luck I probably pasted the most vulgar or violent line in the song. (Unless Japanese hip-hop is very different from American, which is quite possible.) Gomen ne.

btw, music donated by Rae-chan. Arigato~!

[edit]Fixed a thinko.[/edit]


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Mar. 27th, 2004 01:44 pm (UTC)
technically, when someone gets complimented, you're not supposed to say just "arigatou / arigatou gozaimasu", you're supposed to almost deflect it. Not like Piro Hack Mode, but... something like "Iya, chotto, chotto.." ( = "No, just a little". Like "No, I'm not all that good").

Otherwise, looks alright. Granted it's too late and I didn't look it over too much, but hey.
Mar. 27th, 2004 02:10 pm (UTC)
Hai...book sez that you can say "arigato" if it's something you do in your spare time, but not for anything important.

Then again, the book also sez that you can't use konnichiwa or kombanwa with officemates or family, and its romanization is totally on crack. (I spent a lot of time trying to translate between its romanization and Hepburn, and double-checking things in EDICT to make sure I did them right.) So...yeah.
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