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Mar. 27th, 2004

Me: *walks into the living room while Mom and Dad are playing Dr. Mario 64*
Dad: *drops a pill into place; his little dancing character makes a noise*
Me: *grimaces* You know you've been studying Japanese for too long when you could swear those little character things are saying "hai".
Mom: They are saying "hai".
Me: Er...
Mom: What does that mean?
Me: "Yes."
Mom: Really?
Me: Yeah.

On the one hand, it kinda sounds like there's an extra syllable in there, and it's just playing so quickly that you can't identify it. On the other hand, Dr. Mario is a Nintendo game, so it's not impossible. (And the N64 was never known for its sound quality--you could do wonderful sound on it, but it took a lot of effort.)