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On April Fools' Day.

Well, it seems that a lot of people don't like this day...

I, for one, do. I come from a group of people where large, elaborate April Fools' jokes are the norm. But in that group, these large, elaborate jokes are universally considered hilarious. They're almost always extremely silly, but they're just realistic enough for you to go "wtf?" for a second before you glance at a calendar and start laughing your head off.

So, here's my announcement: I will be playing one joke tomorrow on the Perl community. I (and a collaborator) will be playing a second joke on the MT community. Neither of these will be mean-spirited, and most people will think they're funny. A few people will probably think they're stupid or annoying, but that's okay. Nobody will feel hurt, unless they're impossibly oversensitive.

So, two jokes tomorrow. Not one, not three, not thirty. I won't even be playing the MT joke directly, so I'm safe to talk to.

Now, to prepare my jokes... *cackles manically*