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Of Jokes And Strips

codepoetica IMed me around 9:30 to try to dig up some info...

codepoetica: I admit I'm curious what you've got planned. And by admit, I mean I just told you.
Brent Dax: Heh.
Brent Dax (9:36:06 PM): Well, in...two hours and twenty-four minutes, you'll see.
codepoetica: *pokes filespace*
codepoetica: *ponders the datestamps on new434,435.png in in Brent's filespace dir*
Brent Dax: Those are just early versions of the strips in The Makoto Chronicles.
codepoetica: 66 days ago?
Brent Dax: Just like all the files brought in from the old version of Filespace.
codepoetica: This idea's been kicking around for quite some time, huh
Brent Dax: Yes.
Brent Dax: Remember when Vor drew the Largo/Miho pic?
codepoetica: I never saw it till the repost inchat earlier that day.
Brent Dax: Oh.
Brent Dax: It was months and months ago. I mocked up that strip almost immediately, intending it as a merely typical eyegouge inducer for the Forums. (This was before Mike had cornered that market.)
Brent Dax: Showed it to Opt, and I think we came up with the idea of VESPA using that strip to change MT history.
Brent Dax: I have a prototype of the first post from September 4.
Brent Dax: And a prototype of the comic from August 28.
Brent Dax: So yeah, this thread has been a long time coming.
codepoetica: da~mn
codepoetica: Much futher back than I thought.
Brent Dax: We were planning to wait until OLSAL was over.
codepoetica (10:00:17 PM): 2 hours, huh.
Brent Dax: Yup.
Brent Dax: The joke starts at midnight, though I doubt many people will notice it immediately...
codepoetica: Yeah, I got no idea.
codepoetica: Midnight GMT-3?
Brent Dax: Yeah.
Brent Dax: Tied to localtime(), not gmtime().
codepoetica: *blink*
codepoetica: *ph33rs*

When the time finally came, it took him half an hour to find it. And he still snarfed on his monitor. Success. :^)

I'll link to my Perl joke when it hits Google Groups. The official archive has crappy threading.

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