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If yesterday was a slow-motion train wreck, today is the bleak search for survivors--bleak because there was a massive explosion and charred bodies are everywhere.

Okay, now that the imagery's over...

Went to the bookstore to try to find some manga to pass the time with. Last time I was there, they had a full set of Chobits...this time, they didn't have number four. They had five, but I didn't buy it--I don't have the discipline necessary to not read it out-of-order. (I have little discipline with books or food.) That was better than OMG, though--they only had 1 and 15, which is supremely stupid, IMHO.

After that, I skated[1] over to Gelson's, a market that specializes in unusual foods. Unfortunately, pocky was a bit too unusual for them, it seems. Or maybe too usual. Or maybe just too cheap. *shrugs* I went to Starbuck's and bought a mocha frappucino, then to Sav-On and got some notebooks for school.

So I left looking for manga and pocky, and ended up with notebooks and overpriced coffee drinks. Lame.

Skated home, and here I am.

Waste of a day. I should just go to sleep now and spare myself the rest of it. Of course, I won't be able to fall asleep anyway, just like last night.

[1] BTW, when I talk about skating, I mean rollerblading. I do not use skateboards.
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