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My bookshelf

I'm rather proud of the job I did...

If you want to try to read the titles or something, there's a 949kb unshrunken version here.

The top shelf is all Star Trek; the second shelf is Star Trek and X-Files kids' books, a little more Star Trek and miscellaneous sci-fi, and my modest manga collection; third shelf is hardcovers, fiction and miscellaneous other crap; fourth shelf is mostly computer books; and fifth (bottom) shelf is miscellanea. That's an Angels rally monkey hanging from a mug.

Oh, and computer people: on the computer books shelf, there's a Knuth my father used in college--his name's written on the title page. It's The Art of Computer Programming Volume 1 Second Edition, Fundamental Algorithms. Haven't read most of it yet...perhaps I'll understand it better after I finish the assembler class I'm starting tomorrow night.

[edit]BTW, since Phy asked...those are old political bumper stickers on the third shelf. The top one says "Victory over Communism"; the bottom says "Dukakis is a Shithead".[/edit]