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First day of college

I'm surprisingly happy, which probably means I'm either unconsciously avoiding unhappy trains of thought or I'm unconsciously repressing like crazy. Dunno how long this'll hold up...

Well, today I had my first day of college. Well, sorta, since I've actually taken classes there before, during high school. I picked up my challenge forms (both were approved) and went to the bookstore. We bought...three very heavy, used textbooks. I don't want to think about what it must've costed.

Unfortunately, Mom had to be there to pay for it. *sighs* First thing I do when I'm eighteen is get my own credit card, if only so I can avoid stuff like that. I managed to lose her before I went to class, which is undoubtedly a Good Thing.

I had two of my three classes today:

Math 3A: Analytical Geometry and Calculus (Monday and Wednesday, 11:00-12:30; Friday, 11:00-1:00)

This class is filled to the brim--90+ students. The teacher, a guy named Zucker, is okay; he didn't really leave much of an impression on me.

The class started with a diagnostic test, one where you probably shouldn't miss more than ten. I don't know how well I did...but I don't think it was very good. I may have been over ten. *glanceglance* Oh well...most of them were trick questions anyway.

(Note: I found out ~thirty minutes later that I got six wrong, one of which was a question where he was deliberately trying to confuse us. I also found out that the teacher has a sig quote from Harry Potter. How...interesting.)

Taking and going over that test took the first half of class; going over the syllabus took the second half. I have three sections and fourteen problems to do before Wednesday.

Between classes, I found and charged my Visor. w00t. It wouldn't accept the charge at first; the fix was to reset it while it was in the cradle. With its PowerOne Graph module, I have the graphing calculator I need for calculus.

Wasted some time online, playing games, and watching TV, then went to my second class.

CIS 40A: Computer Organization and Assembly Programming (Monday, 7:00 pm-10:00)

Fairly empty class, actually, probably because it's a night class and it's not something that people outside of CS majors would study. (Prerequisite is experience in two programming languages.) The teacher is an Asian woman called Soon Ko--I'm not a good judge of age, but I wouldn't consider her young. (She's not old, either, so...yeah.) Pleasant change from the usual middle-aged white guys that seem to populate the CS department. She has a fairly significant accent, and she's very quiet, but I figure I can compensate for that with some work. Another student who's had her before said she's not a very good teacher, but I'm hoping he's just had an unusually bad time with her, because my first impression of her is pretty good. She seems to be somewhat knowledgable--she was able to rattle off the broad differences between the instruction sets of various x86 processors without too much apparent effort.

I'm not very good with Asian names, either--can anyone tell me where she's likely to be from?

I only have this class once a week, on Monday nights, so it's three hours. We spent the first hour of today's class going over the usual syllabus-and-stuff, the second hour doing basic terminology and concepts, and the final hour working with different bases. I'm quite good at converting between binary, octal, and hex, but my anything-to-decimal and decimal-to-anything skills...well, they need a bit of work.

Actually, it's more that I'm too lazy to do those problems in class.

That class marks the first time I've ever seen somebody else wearing Thinkgeek stuff--the Shakespeare shirt, to be exact. I'll have to ask him if he's a Perl hacker.

The other classmate I found interesting is actually in both calculus and assembly--if she's in my C++ class too, I'll probably freak. She's apparently deaf, judging by the laptop sitting in front of her, hooked up to a stenograph (dunno if that's the right word--it's the thing they use in courts to record what everyone's saying) that someone else types at. Young, Asian, definately smart considering the subject matter. I may have to ask if she can read lips so I can talk to her. ;^) And no, I don't necessarily have "impure" intentions--she just seems like she might be an interesting person to talk to.

I have one more class tomorrow--C++. I don't really know what to expect, except that I doubt the class will be too difficult. After all, there's a reason I listed my C++ skill as 4 out of 5 on the survey in the assembly class...

My Languages (as reported to the Assembly teacher)
  • Perl: 5
  • C: 4
  • C++: 4
  • Visual Basic 6: 3
  • Visual Basic .Net: 2
  • C#: 2
  • Parrot VM Assembly: 4 (or maybe 3)

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