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On Thu, Apr 22, 2004 at 08:59:37AM -0700, Brent 'Dax' Royal-Gordon wrote:
>> You're welcome to try it again, though...while you're at it, you might
>> as well make all internal Parrot functions take an Interp * instead of a
>> struct Parrot_Interp *. That ought to save us a couple kilobytes.


I hacked perl's Configure instead. It felt like the less painful option.
I've never been wibbled at by a perl hacker...


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May. 3rd, 2004 08:58 am (UTC)

I've been wibbled at, but usually I'm the one who's doing the wibbling. see? Wibble.

*wibbles at the Hacker-sama* ^.-
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