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The third class

Tired. I didn't do too badly on sleep--six and a half hours--so it must be lack of food. I'll be going to the gym in twenty minutes--perhaps that'll wake me up.

Well, I had the first session of my third class today.

CIS 37: C++ Programming

The teacher, a guy named Seth Hoschwald (or something), is apparently a full-timer, and knows most of his students. Of course, I'm not one of the ones he knows, but whatever...

It looks like this course will be incredibly easy--I already know C++, and while we are covering most of the language, it doesn't look like it'll get too in-depth. I didn't see any mention of the STL in the syllabus, for example. Great news--I need a super-easy class.

We didn't do much today--just went over the syllabus and had a general overview of what pieces of the language. We were done forty-five minutes early, which is nice.

BTW, the deaf girl isn't in this one. Which is good, because otherwise I'd have to start encrypting all my LJ posts so that They couldn't read 'em. ;^)
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