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Deep hack mode

Had an idea at 4:30 (woke up to use the bathroom) about how to handle Filespace's load problems...been studying mod_perl filters ever since. Essentially I want to make requests sleep() every kilobyte for short periods, and if a given file goes over a certain threshold of kilobytes per (e.g.) minute, the sleep period gets longer. Exponentially longer. With the right numbers, I could avoid what happened recently. I could even make the kilobyte measure be per-user instead of per-file, or all sorts of other nifty things.

Gonna involve a lot of database requests, but that's unavoidable.

This...could be interesting.

Anyway, I'm in deep hack mode. Please, people, no chat invitations or IMs (except for Liz, who knows how delicate DHM can be anyway).

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