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Stolen from sangochan...

1) What Megatokyo character am I most like and why?
2) What 8-Bit Theatre character am I most like and why?
3) What video game do you think I'd fit in the best in?
4) Movie?
5) Book or book series?
6) What anime character reminds you of me?
7) What song makes you think of me and why? (Paste appropriate lyrics, if desired)
8) What fantasy race do you think I'd be, and why? (Examples: Human, Elf (be specific: sun, moon, aquatic, dark, etc), Half-elf, Halfing/Hobbit, Plane-touched, Dwarf, etc. Any race is viable. Just be fairly specific.)
9) I'm training with a weapon. What is it? (or are they, if you see more than one)
10) Sort me into a Harry Potter uiverse house at Hogwarts. Why did you pick that, oh sorting hat?
11) Place me in a fictional "time": Fantasy/medieval, sci-fi/futuristic, adventure/present.
12) An anime is created based on me. Tell me about it.
13) What do you think my alignment is? Why? (Chaotic/Neutral/Lawful Evil/Neutral/Good, for those unfamiliar)
14) They name a drink after me. What is it made from? What does it taste like?
15) I'm on the national news. What is it for?
16) What Disney character am I most like?
17) Give me a nickname. Why did you chose it?
18) What animal am I?
19) I'm out partying on a Saturday night. Where am I partying, and what am I doing?
20) What candy bar am I?

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