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navi-chan genki desu ka?

Hmm...attempted to recompile Navi's kernel with traffic control enabled. Didn't work--I got a kernel panic. I also forgot to enable lilo's boot menu. So I stuck in the Debian install CD and typed 'rescbf24' (rescue with 2.4 kernel--Debian stable is still using 2.2 by default, with 2.4 as an option).

Didn't work.

After lots of poking around and a few false starts, I finally remembered that my root partition is hda5, not hda1. Once I got that set up, it worked like a charm. Renamed my old modules back into place, put my old kernel back, re-ran lilo, rebooted.

So...I'll be using lilo's boot-menu mode from now on, and I've printed out a copy of df(1)'s output for future reference. Whee.

Now, to see if I can get a basic configuration working...

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