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So...Memorial Day. Yeah.

Parents insisted that we do something as a family, so we went to breakfast and then picked up two movies from Blockbuster. After much argument. x.x About a third of the movies were vetoed by my sister, another third by Mom, and the remaining third by all the guys together. We settled on Miracle pretty easy, but the second movie was a killer. First it looked like it'd be Dogma (everybody but Mom has seen it and loved it), but Mom didn't want to see it for some reason, and said that as long as we were gonna get something she didn't want to see, we should get Kill Bill, which none of us has seen. Finally, though, we settled on Minority Report as the second movie.

Minority Report was an excellent movie. The critics were wrong, as usual...I really wonder sometimes why anyone listens to those morons. It's kind of interesting that, of the four popular sci-fi movies made from that authors' short stories (Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report, Paycheck), two deal with some form of time travel. Guess that's a pretty fertile source for sci-fi, though, ne?

Liz called while we were watching this, unfortunately. I would've chatted with her for a few minutes, but my idiot family didn't realize that I was mouthing "hit play!" at them. x.x

After that, we played board games for a while--Yahtzee once (I got next-to-last), then Clue twice. I'd never played Clue before--it's quite an interesting game, and a great practical use of information theory, a subject Cryptonomicon has left me with a slight interest in. (Information theory is essentially the science of how information flows from person to person, and how that information can be hidden. For example, the mere act of writing something on your little checklist in Clue can give the other players hints about what you know.) I didn't win either game, but it was fun nonetheless.

Finally was Miracle. I came into it expecting a Mighty Ducks rehash...I loved those as a little kid, but actually playing hockey has spoiled the Ducks movies for me. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a good movie on all fronts.

Anyway...yeah. Fairly good day, all in all, although a little more contact with non-kin would've been nice. Now back to my code...I had a neat little idea for building a basic Perl 6 compiler that practically writes itself.

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