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Kernel oops

So, I was driving my sister home from school, and I spotted an accident on the side of the road: a black commercial van had rear-ended a silver pickup, and a cop car was on the scene. It was right on a corner I needed to turn on, so I looked ahead to the truck, trying to figure out how to best take the turn...

...and there was a scraping noise in the back of the car.

Right as I was passing the cop car.


I stopped the car immediatley, and the cop walked towards me. I rolled down the window; he told me to go around the corner and stop, so I did. After a minute, he walked over.

I was surprised--he was very apologetic, and insisted it was his fault. Perhaps he was opening the door as I came up--I didn't notice, I was looking too far ahead--but he checked the car over and all that was there was some paint that he rubbed off with his finger. (And a scratch--I called home and found out that it was already there.) I had to wait a few minutes for another cop to come and check it out. No reports filed, but I have the guy's card in case I notice anything.

I've thought for a while that I need a wake-up call so that I'll start driving a little better...perhaps this'll do it.

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