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I went out to lunch at a fast-food place at 1:30 today, and brought the first Harry Potter book along. I ended up staying for an hour and a half, reading and drinking soda, 'till Liz called and I figured I should be getting home soon anyway. Once I got home, I read some more, Liz called some more, then I went up to my room and read even more. The upshot was that I finished the book around 6:30. That's right, I read the entire thing in five hours, perhaps an hour of which was actually other stuff. ph34r.

A long time ago, I read about half of the second book. Actually, it was three or four years ago, the morning before I finally met Darci in my person. (Darci is my first close online friend--she lives in Las Vegas.) I woke up around five A.M., and was unable to get back to sleep--partly because of nervousness, partly because I was experiencing some sort of allergy-induced (or something) pinkeye thing I get once in a while. My sister had brought along the second Harry Potter book, so I picked it up, cracked it open, and read a hundred pages or so until other people started waking up and telling me to get ready for breakfast.

So, these books have been kind of informally on the "stuff I should read" list for a few years. I tend to do this a lot...I read my first Clancy in seventh or eighth grade (Red October), my second (Rainbow Six) a year or two later, then waited until I was out of high school to read the rest. Kind of odd, actually, but whatever...


Anyway, I'll be tearing apart my sister's room tomorrow, trying to find the second book. Or maybe I'll do that tonight. Or something.

In other news, a...not exactly a rant, but slowly forming in my head. I don't know how long it'll take to come out, but I suspect it'll be fairly soon.

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