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Annoyances in the Car

Well, I'm typing this on the laptop as we drive to DC. It's a four hour drive, of which we've completed an hour. Unfortunately, I have two hours of battery time on the laptop and one (expended) hour of fresh IY manga. Maybe I'll start on that new Voyager book . . .

In other news, my sister somehow managed to destroy my burned copy of Evanescence's Fallen. She's been borrowing it for much of this trip, and apparently at some point the CD started to come off the spindle. I'm thinking it started spinning against an exposed screw, which scraped off the top plastic and ripped a huge gash in the reflective layer, around the entire the CD, and I think in the burned area. I may just bite the bullet and buy the thing-I don't really want to wait another week for those songs, and I derive enough enjoyment from it that I really should shell out the fifteen bucks. Perhaps she and I could split the cost--she's been listening to it a lot, after all.

BTW, guys, Semagic apparently does allow offline composition--but only if you get online so you can sign in, which I can't at the moment. Unless I'm missing something. Not that there's much to miss on the login screen. I'm writing this in Word instead.

Let's see, what else . . . oh, I set my own LJ to be saved by IE so I could read the friends page offline, but now it's giving me a "cannot find server", even though the icon indicates that it should have been saved successfully. Which leaves me with only Sango-chan's LJ (which I set to save before I got my own and had a friends page). No, wait, IE decided not to save that either.

Technomancer's Time Off? No.
Battle for Continuity? No.
OLSAL 4? No.

Fuck you too, Microsoft.

So I have no offline content for this trip, except my e-mail, which has about four messages I'm interested in and about eighty that I'm not. And that's after deleting all the spam--I'm on several lists for open-source projects I'm involved in, which gives me an incredible e-mail volume.

Well, I guess I'll read that stuff. *sighs*

(This post will have been backdated, since I'm offline.)

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