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Jun. 19th, 2004

Spell your first name backwards: Notnerb. At least, my full first name.
How old?: 18
Where do you live?: California.
Four words that sum you up : Clever, geeky, bored, forgetful

In the last 24 hours have you:

01. Cried: Nope.
02. Bought something: No.
03. Gotten sick: No.
04. Sang: Yeah, along with the radio.
05. Eaten: Dear God, yes.
06. Been kissed: Nope.
07. Felt stupid: Slightly.
08. Wanted to tell someone you loved them, but didn't: No.
09. Met someone new: No.
10. Moved on: Dun think so.
11. Talked to an ex: ...sorta.
12. Missed an ex: See previous.
13. Talked to someone you have a crush on: I'll let you know when my emotions are sufficiently untangled.
14. Had a serious talk: No.
15. Missed someone: Yes.
16. Hugged someone: Actually...I think I somehow went to Grandma's without hugging her. Go figure.
17. Fought with your parents: No.
18. Dreamed about someone you can't be with: Nightdream, you mean? I don't remember, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Social Life:

01. Best girl friend: Liz.
02. Best guyfriend: Hmm...Michael maybe, or Ian.
03. Boy/Girlfriend?: None.
04. If no, current dating partner: None.
05. Hobbies: Hacking.
06. Pager/Cell: Cell. But I really want a smartphone.
07. Are you the center of attention or the wallflower: Wallflower. Severely so.
08. What type of automobile do you drive: 1995 Mercury Mystique...at least once it gets out of the shop.
09. Would you rather be with friends or on a date: ...yes?
10. Do you have a job: No, but I have clients.
11. Do you attend church: Atheists don't generally do that.
12. Do you like being around people: Not unless I know and like them.


What are some of your pet peeves: Idiocy, missing pages, cell phone plans.
Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: Hell yeah.
Have you ever cried over the opposite sex: Yes, but not for romantic reasons.
Who broke your heart: Never broken, but scratched once or twice. Unless you count Oxford...
Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: Females. Intelligent ones, preferably.
Have you ever lied to your best friend: Yes.
Ever wanted to get revenge on someone because they hurt you: I'm sure I have, although nothing specific comes to mind.
Rather be dumper or dumped: Probably dumper, but only because said person is more likely to actually want the relationship over.
Rather have a relationship or a "hookup": Either. Beggars can't be choosers.
Want someone you don't have right now: Yes.
Ever liked your best guy/girl friend: Yes.
Do you want kids: Later.
Do you believe in psychics: Dear God, no.
Do you believe you know the person whom you will marry at this point in time: No. (Hmm...this could be parsed either with "at this point in time" connected to "know" or with it connected to "marry"...)
What is your favorite part of your physical appearance: I don't notice looks.
What is your favorite part of your emotional being: My ability to be calm enough during a heated argument between other people to rationally evaluate their positions.
Are you happy with you: Hell no.
Are you happy with your life: No.
If you could change one thing: It would have something to do with fast, cheap transportation over long distances.

Stolen from sangochan.