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Fire in the hole!

About five, my RL friend Michael called to tell me that they were having their bonfire tonight.

For those unfamiliar with this ritual, SoCal kids will often collect all their homework at the end of the year, go to a nearby sandy place with fire rings, and burn the cursed papers. In previous years, this had been performed at the lagoon, a sort of artificial beach within walking distance of my house; however, this year everybody could drive, so we arranged to go to Corona Del Mar's beach at eight. I'm at least a year older than all of my RL friends--mostly because I know them all through Michael, and he's a year younger than me.

So, I picked up two cans of Pringles (barbeque and ranch), Coke and Diet Pepsi, and a couple boxes of pocky, stuffed them in my bag, and waited for Michael to come over. We got in my car and picked up one of his friends, a girl named Rachel who lived a couple streets down.

Rachel was a few inches shorter than me, tanned, breasts perhaps slightly larger than average (no idea why I noticed, because I usually don't). In general, I thought she was fairly attractive. More on her attractiveness later...

Anyway, so we headed to the beach, Michael and Rachel bickering the whole way about how to get there. I ended up following Michael's directions because I got stuck in a turn lane before I realized they didn't agree on the route. It was pretty dark by the time I got there.

So, we got out of the car, collected our stuff, and headed to the beach. Ryan, probably my second-best RL friend (who I met through Michael), was already there; he had organized the thing. So were a half dozen other people. At first I didn't recognize any of the others; one of the guys insisted I knew him through my brother, and eventually he mentioned something we did at a sleepover that reminded me of who he was. (We were doing random stuff with Pringles--impressions, shapes, etc.)

[Side note: Liz, wasn't last night the solstice? Odd how things line up...]

There was a log in the fire, but it was buried in layers and layers of paper, and that was what was really burning. By the end, there must have been a solid layer of paper three feet thick in a six-foot diameter fire ring. One piece of paper I saw before it went in was a vocabulary test, on which the owner had written in Quenya (one of the Tolkien Elvish languages). Micheal made a ceremony of burning Romeo and Juliet. People snacked and such. There were discussions of politics, religion, evolution, and Star Trek. It was fun. The barbeque chips were a hit, but the ranch ones were basically left alone; I gave a couple people pocky as well, but I have a box left over.

Around eleven, the police finally chased us off the beach; six of us went to one guy's house. Rachel went in a separate car, apparently one belonging to an ex-boyfriend (although it sounded like she may have had several exes in that group); Michael and I stopped at a fast food place on the way there. When we finally got there, we went into the guy's garage.

As mentioned, there were six people: myself, Michael, Ryan, Rachel, Rachel's ex, and the guy who lived at the house. We set up a friendly poker game--Texas Hold'em. Micheal, being a liberal, insisted on having "welfare chips". *eyeshift*

Then the guy who owned the house got a beer for himself and gave Micheal one. He also offered one to Rachel, but apparently she doesn't like the taste. I've never seen any of my friends drink, but I'm not particularly surprised at it.

So...we played. Everyone won once or twice; then we got to a hand where it seemed everyone was staying in and upping the bet. Myself, Rachel, the ex, and the guy who lived there put in most of our chips; I had a flush between queen and nine, but the guy who lived there had king to ten, so he got the whole heap. After that, we stopped playing poker and went into the house.

Apparently they had a DVD of Chapelle's Show, so we watched a few episodes. I have to say that, at least from the episodes I saw, the show is overrated--sure, there were some funny bits, but most of it was just stupid. After we saw two or three eps, we started channel surfing; a couple of the guys wanted to find something with nudity, and nobody actively disagreed, not even Ryan (who's relatively religious). Eventually we got bored of looking around and ended up on E, where there was some nudity but it was being pixelled out. An argument ensued about European TV, then everyone decided to go back to the garage, clean up the poker chips, and leave.

Rachel went with the ex again. When Michael and I were driving home, he made a comment about how it looked like she and the ex would be getting back together--apparently her house was very, very out of the way for him. A discussion ensued...

Me: Too bad--I like doing random nice things for girls. Good karma, I guess.
Michael: Yeah...I don't think it's a bad thing that she's getting with him again, though. She kinda has a thing for me, but I'm not interested in her at all.
Me: Really? I've found that if I'm friends with a girl long enough, I eventually get interested in her--not enough to seek anything out, but enough so that if she asked I'd say yes. It doesn't usually start out that way, but...
Michael: Yeah. I guess I don't find her attractive.
Me: Really? I thought she was pretty hot...
Michael: I don't. Besides, she's kinda bossy, and I don't think I'd want to be her bitch.

Anyway, I dropped him off at his house, and then went home. It was 2:15 or so by the time I got back, so I guess I've spent half an hour writing this. to bed, with new fantasy material. *grins evilly*

[Incidentally, the focus on Rachel you might have noticed in this post was created in the retelling, and is mostly because I'm tired and girls' activities stick in my mind better than guys'. I'm not particularly interested in her--not that I'd say no, but I don't particularly expect to see her again, and that fact is hardly devastating.]

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