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Reflections on a crime scene

Yesterday, Dad noticed that there was a car accident on the way to his work. He didn't think much of it, until he was driving home and saw a CSI team was still working there.

Well, today the newspaper explained what happened.

It seems that a 19-year-old named Brandon Friend took his BMW for a ride after drinking the night before, and hit another car, killing two people. He's now been arrested, along with his grandfather, who tried to protect him from the police.

Brandon was a friend of mine at my first high school--we sat together in two years of programming classes. He wrote DragonBane in tenth grade, a fairly nice PHP-based game. He's the only hacker I ever knew that managed to be okay in the eyes of the popular people.

I lost touch with him--and a lot of other people--after I left my old school, so I haven't talked to him in three years. Still, at the time I...well, not quite looked up to him. I didn't particularly aspire to be popular in high school--I always figured the quality of my friends was more important than the quantity--so he wasn't a role model. But he archetype, I guess. He was someone I could point to and say, "if I really wanted to, I could do that". I use him regularly in discussions about social structure, even modeled a character concept on him. His ownership of (one of his handles) is, indirectly, much of the reason I have

I can't really say I'm that I said, he was always on good terms with the popular people, and I specificially remember him being rather obsessed with his car. But...meh.

I suppose I should feel more for the victims, but I didn't know them. Brandon was a good guy, and it really sucks to see that such a dumb mistake will probably ruin his life.

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