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SCO, down in flames...

Looks like SCO has been caught in a lie, and Red Hat smells blood in the water.

From a document filed by RH in Red Hat v. SCO:
"SCO's June 17 effort to explain away the numerous inconsistent statements it has made to this Court and to other federal courts around the country again make plain SCO's litigation strategy. SCO's ultimate objective is to delay for as long as possible resolution of the copyright claims that are at the heart of each of the pending lawsuits. By avoiding final adjudication of its copyright claims, SCO can continue to foster fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the marketplace about the long-term viability of Linux. SCO thereby seeks either to discourage users from adopting and implementing that operating system or to induce them to pay SCO a punitive licensing fee."
Article on Groklaw (a truly awesome site):

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