Brent Dax (brentdax) wrote,
Brent Dax

Not unexpected...

As expected, people have responded to Filespace's quotas by registering multiple accounts. A few offenders:

28: gomay tk_ gomay_ boby mag cooc troy My_Music ____G______ newclan hack comeonover COMIC Come_on_Over_Comics pages cosplay page porn COMICBOOK html FFXI Ghack anime cooc_comic Comics ffx2fps2 Hacking_for_Gamers gamergeek
9: inv invincible remember rem Soldier13 Soldier invincible53262365652 WTF_______________ nowaycanthisnamebetaken
6: skamish011 skamish22 skamish44 skamish99 samilian01 lalala01
5: hibeko Un4m3r1c4n nevaeh Un4-Nirvana Un4-DrainYou
4: Genkai Noname Kraid Shoe
4: GreenMamba zato_one zato1 zatoface
4: dkf firem firem_host sdkf
4: munky69 yellow munky1 munky2
3: benomg benzero BenPZC
3: Purepyro Purepyro911911 Purepyro911
3: T.F.O. T.F.R. FuzzyOne
3: gandalf imrockit imrockit2
3: babbitblob ani2000 ihavenolife2002
3: discordia tigereyes opaleyes
3: L33T.N1NJ4 L33T_N1NJ4 monkey
Total 85

That's only people with more than two accounts (my arbitrarily-chosen limit). That's also only people with e-mail addresses similar enough that my quick-and-dirty analysis discovered them.

Gomay (Mr. 28 Accounts) has been a problem for a long time. I've now set up his accounts to all give 410 Gone errors, and I'll be deleting his data fairly soon. Not quite sure what to do about the rest.

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