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Just got my money from Jill Winters--and a little extra: a $25 Borders card. This can probably keep me entertained for a day or two, which is good, since I'm banking all my allowance for Otakon.

That check covers what I want available for Otakon. Now I just have to convince Mom to front me the money she'll owe me for her website, to cover the hotel...

Random Filespace ideas that could probably use a bit of commenting:
  • URL rewriting, to automagically put the appropriate .phtml files in each subdirectory (e.g. username/delfile.phtml would be the same as delfile.phtml?user=username). A minor thing, but still.
  • Access controls on files ("only allow registered users X, Y, and Z access"), which probably requires integration with Apache's Auth and Authz phases. (Not too difficult, really, considering I've already hijacked the Trans phase...)
  • Temporary files, deleted after 48 hours.
  • Sub-fucking-directories.
Some or all of the last three could be restricted to paid users...hmm.
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