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As you can see, I'm online.

"Did your plane get cancelled?" I hear you cry. No (although we almost missed it). "Did the ship get caught in a hurricane?" Nope (although they've cancelled a stop because of it). "Did you get a giant Pringles can and point it towards land?" Not exactly.

When we got on board, my parents asked if I wanted to get net access in my room. This is a really cheesy setup, actually--you pay $100 and get a special shipboard phone, which you plug in to your modem, and then use to dial in to the ship's satellite receiver. Yeah, it's dialup, with all the speed limitations of dialup.

But that's okay.

I decided that it wasn't worth it to be unhappy this week. But I'm setting some rules for myself, and everyone might as well know them:

1. No use of the Internet until after dinner.
2. No skipping stuff to stay online.
3. No downloads (except for the AIM client).
4. Any Perl-, school-, or work-related e-mail gets filed away for later.

I'll probably post about yesterday and today later; for now, I want to go up on deck for a bit.

See you guys online.
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