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kowai desu...

Okay, so I went down to one of the lounges about an hour ago and got a slice of pizza. Then I found a little back area that was kinda closed off from the rest of the place, and sat down to read. Read, ate, finished the pizza. I got up and got a Coke and two more slices.

When I got back, there were two coffee cups sitting at the table next to me; I took another table in the same area, sat down with my food and drink, and read. Then the young couple that owned the cups came back, sat down, and started speaking in rapid-fire Japanese--way too fast for me to understand even a word, but the syllables and combinations were familiar.

Meanwhile, behind me people were coming and going; I could hear them talking, but couldn't see them. Finally, I came to the end of the chapter, and looked up.

A small family, once again speaking Japanese.

I went back to my book. The family left, then the couple, and finally I decided to come back to the room and waste a few minutes.

So, to recap: otaku sits down for a snack and a small army of Japanese people randomly spawn in the vicinity.


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