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So, I'm sitting here in a rocking cabin. For those of you who've never been on a cruise before, this is actually rather unusual--generally, cruise ships are so large that the motion is barely perceptable, except late at night, when they try to get as much distance behind them as possible while people are asleep. Even then, the motion is smooth and regular, and almost soothing.

Often on a cruise, I'm not sure if I'm dizzy from tiredness or if the ship is moving. Tonight, there's little doubt.

This is caused by a not-so-cute not-so-little storm called Frances. This hurricane was impolite enough to wander right across the intended course of our ship. It already caused us to skip our first stop on Sunday (Nassau), instead heading south of our second destination of St. Thomas and hanging out there until the storm passed.

Well, the bitch slowed down, necessitating further changes.

So...the ship will dock at Antigua tomorrow, somewhere we weren't even scheduled to visit. The next day, it'll stop at St. Thomas. We'll skip Puerto Rico and the out-island (a small island with a nice beach owned by the cruise line), and head back to Miami on Saturday as planned.

I don't mind the changes much, actually--this whole thing has given us two more days at sea, which are my favorite anyway. I would've liked to visit the out-island, but it's no big deal. It just kind of annoys me that the plan keeps changing. (And I don't blame the crew or the cruise line--they're trying to keep the ship out of danger and the passengers from puking their guts out.)

Anyway...yeah. Not sure why I'm talking about this at all, as it doesn't affect any of you, but whatever.
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