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Well, that's one way to pay tuition.
[Edit: They seem to have disabled it...a (really hot) 19-year-old girl was selling her virginity, and the bidding was over £3m.]

In other news...some relatively interesting stuff happened tonight. First of all, my parents managed to rope me into going to a game around ten. Basically, there were fifteen questions (things like "what's the one thing women notice about men?"), and a room full of 2-6 person teams. The object of the game was to give the most commonly given answer. Mom, Dad and I got maybe seven or eight questions "right"...and won first place, just ahead of a three-way tie. Of course, winning means we gave the most normal answers...I'm still pondering whether or not this is a Good Thing.

The scarier thing is that we almost won two or three more rounds--the winning answers were mentioned, but weren't picked.

Of course, the cruise line is cheap, so first prize was a bunch of bingo cards and a t-shirt each. Whatever.

So, then to karaoke. No, I didn't participate. But...

Okay, there was this woman up who was singing a country song. Badly. Really badly. I suddenly flashed to a scene from the James Bond movie Goldeneye--the horrible country singer in the Russian guy's bar.

Then the chorus started, and I realized that it was the very same song. I was so tempted to yell "who's strangling the cat?" (Bond's line in repsonse to hearing this horrible singing) once the song was over.

A few songs later, my sister and her friends went up on stage to do "Twist and Shout" as a group. We took blackmail photos with Mom's shiny new digital camera. Muahahahaha.

Anyway, I bailed out soon after my sister's group finished...someone went up and started singing "Macarena". Badly. x.x

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