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The imperfect storm

So...Frances has changed our plans again. The storm is closing the Port of Miami, so the ship will dock at least a day late. Moreover, it's closing Miami International Airport, which means the place'll be a mess when I'm trying to fly out of it Monday. So there's a chance my return will be delayed.

I'm not in any danger, however--the hurricane is a good distance from my ship, Navigator of the Seas. I've prepared a rough map to show you where the ship is compared to the hurricane. (Unfortunately, I only have Paint on this laptop...) Keep in mind that the storm is moving towards Florida, in the upper left. The captain has been taking no chances with this thing--he even put us behind the Dominican Republic to protect us from the storm surge. We won't sail into Miami until the storm has left and the various agencies involved have re-opened the port.

So...yeah. That's the news. We get another day at sea, which is hardly torture. I'll try to keep in touch, although my Internet access might expire on Saturday.

In other news, I got to write an e-mail to my teacher, explaining that I may not be in class Monday due to a hurricane. I now feel something like a dwarf who's just made his awesome weapon--I may never touch my e-mail again.

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