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As if spam weren't horrible enough.

From: <>
To: <>
Subject: Israel controlled all over USA /MEDIA/HOLLYWOOD and all, how to get acrory

Hi yuhct,

Israeli's Trying to Control USA in next 12 Years so guys beware now before its too late.

And to think I probably share genes with this...this...I don't even know a word for this entity.

    But Cochrane wasn't hopeful. On the viewscreen he saw the ominous gray hulks of zombies--the name the public had given to the Fourth World mercenaries the Optimum employed--lining civilians up against the wall. Some zombies stood with inhaler tubes from their self-medication kits pressed to one nostril, then the other. Cochrane had been told the drugs took away all fear, and all moral compunction.
    And I wanted to take this species to the stars, he thought with repugnance.
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