Brent Dax (brentdax) wrote,
Brent Dax

Somewhat frightening.

Okay, some background: Simon Cozens is, in quite a few ways, the guy who initiated me into hackerdom. He accepted my first patches and was at least involved in the decision to make me Configure pumpking and a Parrot committer. At one point, I was considering asking him to be one of my Oxford referees, as he went to Oxford (for Japanese, not computer science) and I thought his reference might be valuable.

Looking wider, Simon is an extremely competent hacker, with something like a hundred published Perl modules and two and a half books. (I own a copy of the book he co-wrote, Extending and Embedding Perl, and I believe Liz or one of her friends has a book of his called Beginning Perl.) He was the first release manager for Parrot (release manager is a position with a very high burn-out rate, although Leo Tötsch is holding up pretty well), and did a great deal of the initial work on it; eventually, he quit working on Parrot and became a sort of devil's advocate for the Perl 6 plan, taking positions that basically nobody else had the balls to take, if only to get Larry to think about people who held them. He's also editor of

And he's giving up most, possibly all, of that to become a missionary. I assume you can see where the "whoa" comes from.
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