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When you give a geek a brand-new OS with all sorts of quirks to explore, strange things happen. In this case, said strange thing is that I figured out how to get Gmail as XP's default e-mail app, so it appears right below Firefox on that bizarre Start "menu" they've concocted.

This after I spent half of today trying to get the Start button to be gray instead of green.

Yeah, I'm nuts.

In other news, the XP PowerToys are making me feel like an old fogey. "In my day, the PowerToys included a round clock, a pathetic Tweak UI, and a half-dozen tray icons--and we were glad to have the opportunity!" Seriously, though, some of these things are pretty kickass--like the virtual desktop thing. Old hat on Linux, but I'm just impressed that they did it as a PowerToy. And a graphing calculator. I mean, come on.

(Incidentally, poking around in Tweak UI revealed that there's something in the bowels of XP that tells you on the welcome screen if you have any e-mail. Gotta figure out how to connect that to Gmail...)

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