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Thoughts on the morning after

Kerry's conceding, even though his army of zombieslawyers is no doubt saying he could still win. Maybe he wouldn't've been such an awful president after all.

Badnarik actually came in 10,000 votes short of Harry Browne in 2000. I attribute this to rabid anti-Bush Libertarians voting Kerry, and rabid anti-Kerry Libertarians voting Bush. I'm still proud of him, though--he's 17,158 votes behind Nader, who gets a crapload of attention from the media--and 245,780 ahead of Peroutka, the next candidate down.

CNN gets the award for Best Election Map. This site gets the award for Best Historical Election Map. BBC gets the awards for Best Combination Map and Coolest Map Software. CNN on TV wins the award for Best Analysis, although they need to fix their displays to indicate percentage counted. And, of course, The Daily Show wins the comedy award.

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