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So, I'm pulling clothes off my bed, preparing to go to sleep, when I see a largish, evil-looking spider scurry across them.

Spiders are not my object of fear among the small, many-legged, easily-crushable animals of the world. (That honor belongs to stinging insects of any variety.) But I'm still startled. It takes me a few seconds to find a Kleenex; by the time I get back, it's gone.

This was a fast mofo, so I'm not horribly surprised, but that still leaves me with questions:

1. How did this thing get in my room?
2. Is it still here? Is it in my bed? My bag? The clothes I moved?
3. Or did I just hallucinate the damn thing? (Probably not, but you never know...)

...which leaves me rather unsure of what to do here. *sighs*

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