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More classtime musings

I'm typing this in calculus again, which I completely ignored again, thanks to my Visor. There's perhaps ten or fifteen minutes of class left today. I read some of BfC 2 today--got up to Psieye knocking out Durden before the software screwed up and wouldn't let me scroll past the first screenful of the thread.

I learned a very important lesson today: Do not read a Durden post while in class. Those giggles are damn hard to suppress--the girl sitting next to me and about half a row ahead has been giving me weird looks because of that...

Anyway, lots of stupid crap to do today. After this class is over (he says "one more problem", w00t) I have have to wait around till 1:15 for Dad to pick me up. Then he has to get my sister, and we have to drop by San Joaquin HS (my old school) before we go home.

Then I have to go with my grandmother at three for some irrelevant family dinner thingy.


Whatever. I am not letting her talk me into staying the night at her house. I'd rather not be out of contact with people right now...

Hell, I'd rather not have any reason I can't see my friends every day till Thanksgiving. This whole separation and limited contact thing has sucked, and I want to take full advantage of the fact that it's apparently over.

(Posted after class, in the school library.)