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The good with the bad.

Good: I slept in almost till noon.
Bad: Soon after I woke, I had to help move crap we're throwing away into a rented truck.
Good: It was nice for most of the time.
Bad: It poured at one point.
Good: I got to use shitloads of duct tape to attach a red "flag" (read "rag") to a projecting piece of wood.
Bad: I had to take stuff to the dump.
Good: I got In 'n Out.
Bad: The tarp keeping everything from flying up pretty much got ripped to shreds.
Good: It was my brother's fault.
Bad: I had to help unload the stuff at the dump, and the back of my shirt got nailed by a seagull. x.x
Good: I found a computer there; seems to be an Athlon-class system, and has a CD drive I can use on the server if nothing else. (Have yet to boot it, though.)