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1. My journal is called "error_log". This is a fairly new title. I've recently come to realize that that's what this is--a log of my life, for better or worse. The exact name comes from the log Apache keeps of errors--from "someone asked for a file that doesn't exist" to "HELP! My pants are on fire!"

2. My subtitle is "The only way to fix things is to see what's broken." That's why you keep an error log--not because you want to look over it and throw yourself a little pity party when the server goes down, but so you can see what, exactly, broke. Without knowing what broke, you can't tell what to fix.

3. My friends page is called "referer_log". Sticking with the Apache theme, the referer_log records the names of pages that point to yours. (In some configurations, at least; in others, including mine, it's combined with the general-purpose access_log.) The misspelling is intentional; the header this log is named after was called "Referer" in the original HTTP specification, and it's had to stay that way for backwards compatibility. (It should be "referrer", IIRC.)

4. My username is brentdax. For Jadzia Dax, my favorite DS9 character. Jadzia was probably the most beautiful girl on the show, but she was also the smartest and wisest--a competent science officer with centuries of experience. I've had this name since I was fairly new on the Internet, but I think it still expresses something about me--namely, my curiosity, intelligence, and desire for knowledge. (Her wisdom would be nice to have too, but I don't think I do.)

5. My default userpic is a faded-out picture of a toaster with the string "A picture and some words". It's a very recognizable icon, which mocks a typical icon, but can still be laughed at by those it mocks. It's almost a way of fitting in and standing out at the same time. A toaster was chosen because my brother (a very random person) seems to believe that the toaster is one of the most random objects known to man.

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