Brent Dax (brentdax) wrote,
Brent Dax

The Haul, Night Two

One (1) Microsoft® fingerprint reader, used instead of passwords. Apparently Mom thought I'd think it was cool (which it is, really), but she said I could return it if I didn't want it. I think I'll wait to see what else I get before deciding.

Actually, I just ran a search to find out how much it's worth, and learned that the Microsoft-branded version doesn't work with Firefox. (It's actually produced by another company and then branded as Microsoft; that company's version does support Firefox.) Which means it'd only be useful for logging in to my computer. I think this'll be going back to the store...

Too bad, 'cause it's a neat toy.

Three (3) web-design-related charts. One is a gigantic color chart, another shows CSS properties, and a third has HTML character entities. (I used the third to look up the ® symbol above.) All three of these will probably see a great deal of use in the days and weeks to come.

And a family present: One (1) DVD with a John Stossel special. In case you weren't aware, he's a reporter for ABC News, and probably the only libertarian on TV. He's a big name, so he can pretty much dictate the terms of his contracts--which include four one-hour specials a year, whose contents are dictated by him. He's done specials on things like why capitalism and business are good for everyone, why various environmental dangers are overblown, etc. The particular special we got this time was basically about how Americans are increasingly saying that they're victims to avoid responsibility for their actions; we watched it tonight, and it was fairly good.

And that was it for my stuff tonight.

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