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Give a little, get a little.

Installed the new hard drive, which means reinstalling both Windows and Gentoo Linux.  The former is going okay, except that I'm going to have to phone-activate.  x.x  Not fun.  (That involves calling Microsoft, convincing them that I'm really not trying to steal from them, reading a 50-character string to them, and typing in another 50-character string they read back to me.  I kid you not.)

I find it extremely ironic that the first version of Windows I've bought in six years is accusing me of piracy.

Gave out the presents for my immediate family today:
  • Blake: this shirt from Jinx (which so totally fits his existence).  He was highly amused.
  • Mom: one of those multi-card-reader widgets, because her cool new digicam has one big weakness: you can only download images from it via TWAIN (like a scanner).  She said it was very thoughtful.
  • Dad: a Best Buy gift card in a CD case (it came that way).  I was a bit worried that he wouldn't like it, but he said that there were a couple albums that didn't make his list, so he'd probably get one of them.  (He got a Modest Mouse CD tonight.  o.o  That's one of the bands on my station, though not one of my favorites...)
  • Devonie: a (cheap) computer case, so she can use the 800mhz Duron I upgraded out of, instead of her current 300mhz K6-2 (!).  She was thrilled, which was good...she hadn't seemed that enthusiastic about buying the thing herself.
And my presents for tonight:
  • The Thinkgeek "Dammit Jim, I'm a sysadmin, not a babysitter!" shirt.
  • A little tiny switch so I can hook up more than one computer in my room.  (I asked for a hub, but Dad said the switch was on sale, so it was actually cheaper than a hub.  Which is nuts, because a switch is like a hub on steroids.)
Tomorrow's the family Hanukkah; I don't get any presents from my parents, but that's because I get them from my aunt and uncle and grandparents.  And I've seen how many presents they've brought over...and I don't think they're finished.

This is gonna be bad.  Or good...

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