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A drabble, from experience.

The blood dripped slowly into the sink.  As it hit, it broke into little spheres, which curled up in a ring, a torus of red clumps surrounded by a hazy brownish cloud.  It was fascinating to watch, which was a good thing, because that’s all there was to do; a manga lay finished behind him, and he couldn’t move to get another.  So he watched a drop hit the water every few seconds, swirl up into its ring and float to the bottom, to leave a red coating on the white porcelain.

He sat, and he waited for the end.
No, I'm not having suicidal thoughts; I'm just describing about an hour of my night.  I haven't a clue why the doctor told me to take the bandages off this early--the wound was still bleeding.

Blood is an interesting substance, actually.  I've occasionally wondered what it would be like to have a significant quantity to experiment with...but that would hurt, and if done carelessly, could kill.  In short, not a great idea.

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