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The Time Traveler's Wife

Imagine that you're six, and a naked man enters your yard.  Over the years he appears again and again; he is a different age each time, and his appearances are irregular, but each time he appears on a date he's given to you.  You have a sneaking suspicion about him, which he finally, reluctantly, confirms: one day, he'll become your husband.

Imagine that you jump through time at random.  It just happens--you can't control it.  You can't make it stop, or make it happen, or change where you'll end up or when.  You can't take anything with you--no map, no money, no clothes.  You could appear in the middle of a busy highway, or a blinding snowstorm, or your childhood bedroom (complete with a younger version of yourself).

How would you cope?  How would you live?

That's the premise of The Time Traveler's Wife, a soft-sci-fi love story.  The concept sounds insane, and it is; it sounds stupid, but it isn't.  The temporal mechanics hurt your head, but in as minimal a way as possible considering the complicated way time works for the protagonist.

For reasons I can't even begin to understand--let alone describe--the book is absolutely, impossibly gripping.  I picked it up perhaps noonish, and I could barely stop reading it long enough to talk to people or get Mom's newsletter sent out.  I'm lucky it's only 500-odd pages; if it were Clancy-length, I'd be up all night.

It does not, unfortunately, have a happy ending; the last scene is nice, but the last plot point is horrifying.  The author is incredibly skilled--the funny bits had me laughing very loudly, and the bad parts left me wondering what sort of entity had the power to reach into my chest and twist my heart about ninety degrees to the left.

Still, this was an incredibly good book.  If you get some books for Christmas you already have and return them for store credit, this would be a worthy way to spend the free money--and if you don't, it's worth real money too.

I want to find out if there's any fanfiction for this yet; if not, I can't imagine why, except perhaps for obscurity.  Unfortunately, my net connection is being a bit weird... *sighs*

If not...shit, I may have to write some.  It's just that good.
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