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Oh yeah.  I'm getting on one of those big boats with the food tomorrow.  I'll be back Monday.  I...pretty much forgot to tell everyone.  *eyeshift*  Oh well, at least I won't be left with nothing to do while all the Christians are opening presents and spending Quality Time™ with people they share chromosomes with.

So, have fun, all you dead-guy-worshipping folk.  And all the other people who aren't getting on the big boats with the food.


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Dec. 24th, 2004 08:01 pm (UTC)
Not just Christians, those of us who celebrate the holiday as a part of our culture, too. :oPP

Dec. 25th, 2004 03:22 am (UTC)

*ducks and runs*
Dec. 25th, 2004 03:37 am (UTC)
Athiest-children-get-presents day? ^_^;;
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