August 11th, 2003

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Back to normal

Well, it's seven in the morning here in California. Of course, it's ten in the time zone I'm used to being in, which explains why the hell I'm up already--we never got to sleep in this late there.

I got eight hours of sleep. Which is nice, especially considering that I had what amounted to a twenty-seven hour day. (24 hour day + 3 due to time zone change = 27 hour day)

Can't eat yet--I have a blood test this morning, one with a 12-hour fasting period before it. It had to be done today because my mom's about to leave again.

Tomorrow she leaves on a research trip to England. This means she'll have been traveling for over a month (with the conference before the East Coast trip) and have been home for some four or five days. She's doing this because she doesn't have much of a choice--the conference was fixed, and the other two she only has time for right now. Sucks to be her, though.

Gah, just got distracted from this by chat and lost my train of thought... *sighs* Maybe it'll come back to me later.
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amused, silly, ha ha only serious

Quota limitations

Got an automatic warning message from my web host today--I've taken up 80% of my disk quota, mostly because of Filespace. A few minutes of poking around revealed the reason--someone uploaded an eighty megabyte MP3. *sighs* Still, I gotta figure out where the hell the other three hundred megabytes on my server is going...

In other news, I bought my first MT swag today--a bag (which I'll use for school) and a "ph34r t3h cute ones" shirt. I also got one of the anti-RIAA shirts--the ones where $2 of the price goes to EFF. So I've supported two good causes today, which is nice. :^)

Lesee, what else...I finally fixed my e-mail, which wasn't downloading for some reason. I got 1200 spams while I was gone--and that was just the ones the filters caught. There were another couple hundred they missed.

Hmm, maybe the quota problems were because the server's stored e-mail was getting too big...

I also went to the doctor's...well, the nurse's. I'm taking a generic form of Acutane, and they need to monitor me fairly closely while I take it, to make sure it doesn't frag my liver or make me suicidal. I can get my next month of drugs once my labs clear, which'll be on Wednesday.

Yesterday, when I got home, my grandfather informed me that he had volunteered me for a web job. *sighs* I really wish he wouldn't do that--I'm starting school soon, and I'm not really sure what the workload will be like. The bright side: I think that between this job and the current one I'm doing, I'll be able to afford A-kon. Which is nice.

To do list for the rest of today:
  • Go to the community college and get my prereqs cleared.

  • Wait for phone call from second (new) client.

  • Work on first client's site.
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amused, silly, ha ha only serious

Signs and portents

If you remember, in my last post I included a to do list. Here's what I actually got done:
  • Wasted time in chat and on the 'net.

  • Watched two Voyager reruns on the ReplayTV.


It wasn't all my fault, actually. The new client didn't call--I think she's going to call tomorrow, though. I'll have to keep a phone in my room so I don't miss her...

The college thing was only partially my fault. I wasted a lot of time in the early afternoon, and by three when I was ready to leave, my mother was dropping my sister off at gym. Still, I ought to have handled it earlier.

And I still have time to redeem myself on the other web thing. Not that I will, mind you, but I can.

Tomorrow's to do list:
  • Receive client's call.

  • Go to local B&N--determine if they have IY #4 and/or the sequel to Homecoming, called The Farther Shore.

  • Decide if I can get all the way to the manga shop in the Spectrum on foot (probably not--it's at least fifteen minutes by car) or the bus (maybe, but I don't have much experience on the buses here).

  • Work on one or both sites.
I'm also cleaning up a bit on Filespace. I've spoken to the two worst "offenders" already--the one with the eighty megabyte file hasn't replied to my e-mail yet, but another with thirty-six megabytes of stuff has shrunk it down to about five.

I actually think this is a good sign: it means that Filespace is being used. Other statistics say the same thing: bandwidth usage for last month was 5.4 gigabytes--easily within my quota, but far more than I expected. (That usage is for all my websites, but Filespace is by far the most used.) That's more than twice the June or May figures, which were 2.4 gb and 2.0 gb respectively.

Still, I'd like to take this chance to ask the Filespace users who read this to do a bit of a spring cleaning, and remove any large files you don't need any more. Just worry about videos and/or music files--I understand that images and HTML or text files are often archived there long-term.

Also, please check with me before going over about 5mb--just drop me an e-mail or IM. I'm pretty nice about it, so I'll probably say "yes", but it'll give me a chance to say "no" if I have to.

One more thing on the subject of Filespace: Please don't violate copyright too badly. Posting a music file in such a public place is asking for the RIAA to sue one or both of us, and I most certainly don't have the resources to fight for your privacy in a court. I don't mind if you post a song for a songfic or filk, but don't leave it up for more than a few weeks, and if you're trying to use it to send a song to one friend or something, please delete it once your friend has the file.

What else...oh, I'm using a mixed playlist, which is unusual for me. Normally I listen to one band obsessively for a while, then something reminds me of another band and I switch to that. Through most of the trip I was addicted to Evanescence, but a night or two before I left for Richmond, C-kun quoted a couple verses of a BNL song. The song stuck in my head, and I ended up in my present half-between mode.

I'm currently on a 41-song playlist, with songs from BNL's Disc One and Evanescence's Origin and Fallen. Winamp is set on random, creating a rather weird mix that I nonetheless like. Overall, this a Good Thing, for two reasons:
  1. It may signal a decline in my more obsessive behaviors.
  2. As a few people know, I need a bit of a genki recharge, and BNL is about the happiest thing I listen to.
And that was enough for now.

Daystar Exposures Today: 1 (doctor's appointment and post office trip)
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