August 16th, 2003

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m4d c4$h

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be getting back later than I thought--my aunt offered to pay me to do some hardware stuff at her office. And she's usually willing to pay at least $30/hr. :^) I'll have to decide whether to spend it on hardware or manga...

Whoa, six months ago I wouldn't have to decide that...
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amused, silly, ha ha only serious


Well, I came home to reports that Filespace was down big-time. Went to look into it, and everybody's files were gone.

Yes, everybody's. Every last one. Including the scripts that run the site. The folders are all still there, but the files inside them are gone.

What happened? I'm not quite sure yet. My best guess is that, when I used Frontpage's Publish function to update my site, it decided to kill everything that wasn't in the web, including the three hundred megabytes or so that were in Filespace. God dammit...!

I've fired off an e-mail to my hosting provider, asking a) if they can confirm that, and b) if they have a backup. They say that they aren't under any obligation to keep user backups, so it may not work, but the guy in charge of the hosting company has been pretty nice the few times I've contacted him--hopefully he'll be able to do something.

If I can't get the files back, I'd like to apologize in advance to everyone. At this point it appears to have been my mistake. *sighs*

Well, in the "silver lining" department, this may give me a chance to move my site. I have a second server that I'm using to host sites I do for customers, and I've been planning to move my site over to it to save money--but the possibility of Filespace's contents getting out of sync has been stopping me.
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