August 18th, 2003

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From an IM, because I'm too lazy to write it up for real

Brent Dax1 (8:24:53 AM): For some reason I had to contact [Phy] IRL, so I flew out, enrolled in your school, and tried to track you down, except it was a high school for some reason. Couldn't find you, though, because I didn't want to ask the office where you were. (But the one teacher I asked knew your online name). Then I left the school for the day, and it turned into a mindless action movie.
Brent Dax1 (8:24:58 AM): There was more, but I don't remember it.
Brent Dax1 (8:26:07 AM): I think there was a part before that wher we and a bunch of other people saved the world...but that part is really sketchy.

There was also some stuff about my social position in "her" school (normal random, with a political-activist edge) and something about a bookstore. I woke up in the middle of it, unfortunately. Of course, if I hadn't, I probably wouldn't've remembered it...

BTW, this is the second dream I can remember about MT forumites, and the first one about their RL selves (although this was completely not based on reality).
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amused, silly, ha ha only serious

*happy geek dance*

I'm currently uploading a massive amount of data.

For $10, my hosting provider gave me a tarball containing a full backup as of August 11th. So everything uploaded before that will soon be back online, probably within the next hour.


Although all data will be restored, I have chosen not to re-upload the scripts that run the site. I'm transitioning servers now, since service has already been interrupted anyway. Expect Filespace to be back in full swing by next week.

*does a happy geek dance*

Now, to find something to do while all this crap uploads...
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So much for that

First of all, all of Monday's backup has been uploaded to Filespace. That means that all files that were up there on Monday are now there. As mentioned before, I've shut down all other functions of the site for now--you can view files that are currently there, but you can't browse them or upload new ones.

Well, I just got back from the Spectrum, and the Manga World store it contains.

I started around twelve-forty, and skated out to the bank. Cashed my $180 check, leaving my wallet full of twenties; also arranged for them to send me a new ATM card, since mine won't read for some reason.

I walked to the nearest bus stop from there, and waited perhaps twenty minutes. I've never used them before, but the buses aren't too bad around here. The only big problem with them is that they only visit each stop about once an hour. *sighs*

So, got on the bus. Because I had no idea what I was doing, I got off a stop after I should have. Thus, I ended up on the wrong side of the I5, and had to walk several blocks to get back to the Spectrum.

Ais is probably the only of my online friends who's ever been to the Irvine Spectrum. It's a rather large shopping and entertainment center--21-screen theater (including an IMAX screen), buncha resturaunts, bunch more shops. It's surrounded by what seems like miles of parking lots.

I walked in, found a directory, and found Manga World. It was in one of the shopping areas, which I'd actually never been in, perhaps half way across the Spectrum from where I was. So I walked to it.

The shop was small, but nice. Unfortunately, it was a bit too small, and had too much other stuff (lots of models and toys), meaning they didn't have much IY--2, 3, and 13 only.


I guess it was stupid of me to just assume that the minute I found a manga store, my search would be over. But I did, so I wasn't terribly happy. I bought two boxes of chocolate pocky and left.

BTW, you guys are right about pocky--this stuff is good. Gotta stop eating all of it, so I can stretch this supply at least a few days...

Anyway, I went to a B&N that was also in the center. It was a fairly large, two-story affair, and as a result had two bookcases of graphic novels. They had IY 1, 2, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13, which is the largest selection I've seen, but not four. I should probably just fly back to New York--that's where I found 2 and 3, after all...

Anyway, fed up with not having anything to read (besides Trek books--I'm reading an Enterprise book at the moment), I grabbed the first issues of Chobits and Oh My Goddess. We'll see if those were good choices.

On a whim, I stopped at the manga shop again. I asked the clerk if they had any other issues in the back, and his response was basically "what you see is what we have". Figured as much, but had to check anyway. The IY DVDs caught my eye, and I hovered over them for a bit, trying to decide whether to get the first one or the one that was closest to where I was in the manga.

In typical Brent fashion, I left the store without getting anything this time. *headdesk*

I had a bus schedule by now, but the second stop in the manga shop had made it hopeless, so I stopped for lunch at a Johnny Rocket's, at about 2:50. About half an hour later, I finished and walked to the bus stop.

I caught the bus (with a half-hour wait) and skated from the nearest stop back to my house.

What next? I'll probably stop by my local B&N tomorrow and ask them if they can put four and five on order. Meanwhile, I have an Enterprise book to finish and two other mangas to read and possibly like.

And pocky to munch...
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Cell phone

I brought the cell phone I found into a T-Mobile store after dinner. One of the clerks pulled the SIM card, looked up the number on the computer and called the owner.

The owner is, as it turns out, a preteen or early teen. The clerk called her, talked to her for a couple minutes, and then handed me the phone. Both the owner and the clerk thanked me profusely.

Well, I may not have gotten a free phone out of it, but I did a good thing and made someone quite happy. That's not too shabby. :^)
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