August 19th, 2003

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Now that the Filespace backups are restored, I've looked over the data and realized that I only have thirty megabytes of it. *sighs* That means several hundred megabytes are lost forever. Sorry, people--it's the best I can do.

I started the server transfer last night, so by some time tomorrow everybody should be using the new server. You'll know that you've got the new one if gives you a 500 Internal Server Error. ;^) File accesses should be normal, however; I'll fix the error once my computer sends me to the new server.

In other news, I went to B&N today. Inu-Yasha #4 isn't even in their computers, so they can't order it from the warehouse or whatever. That's...odd. *shrugs*

It also means I'll have to buy online, which means that my mom will insist that I wait until it's available on Ergh.

I read Chobits #1 this morning, and liked it, so I picked up #2 and 3 while I was at B&N. It looks like they have a fairly complete set there, which is nice.

In other other news, pocky is good.

In other other other news, Mom's coming home tomorrow and I have stuff I have to do before she gets back. Oops.
amused, silly, ha ha only serious


I really should post to BfC, as I'm planning for a fairly pivotal thing in Kit's history to happen in this thread, but...dammit, I'm too fscking lazy. Ergh.

Cleared my to-do list, more or less. I'm waiting for an e-mail from The College Board about getting my AP score reports fixed--I have one test under "Brent" and the other under "Brenton" (my legal name), which means they aren't on the same report. Which is a Bad Thing.

Speaking of which, I haven't received any e-mail all day. Perhaps it's just the server change...I should reboot to figure it out.

Much more waifully, my Thinkgeek shipment comes tomorrow! w00t! *happy geek dance*
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