August 24th, 2003

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So far

Okay day, I suppose. I've been cleaning my room, focusing on my bookshelf mostly, except for some time watching TV and playing UT with my brother. I've cleared enough room for all my new Star Trek books, all the computer books that haven't seen a shelf since they left the bookstore, and all my mangas so far, mostly by stacking most of the books on top of each other instead of standing them up. I probably have enough space for one manga series...but I'll burn that bridge when I get to it, I suppose.

Phy officially rocks. She was up till after 1 my time IMing with me, and it cheered me up considerably. Amazingly, the decent mood is still working fourteen hours later.

Things to do before tomorrow:
  1. Call AAA to jump the car battery: Parents promised to do so once they get home.
  2. Find and recharge my Visor: The real reason for much of this cleaning; I haven't found it yet, which is a bad sign.
Once I finish those, I'll be ready for my first class tomorrow.

I hope.
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amused, silly, ha ha only serious

My bookshelf

I'm rather proud of the job I did...

If you want to try to read the titles or something, there's a 949kb unshrunken version here.

The top shelf is all Star Trek; the second shelf is Star Trek and X-Files kids' books, a little more Star Trek and miscellaneous sci-fi, and my modest manga collection; third shelf is hardcovers, fiction and miscellaneous other crap; fourth shelf is mostly computer books; and fifth (bottom) shelf is miscellanea. That's an Angels rally monkey hanging from a mug.

Oh, and computer people: on the computer books shelf, there's a Knuth my father used in college--his name's written on the title page. It's The Art of Computer Programming Volume 1 Second Edition, Fundamental Algorithms. Haven't read most of it yet...perhaps I'll understand it better after I finish the assembler class I'm starting tomorrow night.

[edit]BTW, since Phy asked...those are old political bumper stickers on the third shelf. The top one says "Victory over Communism"; the bottom says "Dukakis is a Shithead".[/edit]
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