August 27th, 2003

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Kill me now

I swore I'd never propogate one of these memes, but this particular one seems so appropriate...

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Prowling over the mountains, swinging a sharpened screwdriver, cometh Makotobot! And she gives a booming scream:

"I'm going to unleash oven cleaner in your pants!!!"

Find out!
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Are you a girl, or a guy ?

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amused, silly, ha ha only serious

Third day

On Wednesdays and Fridays I only have one class, Calculus. We basically went over the homework in class, because the first chapter is review. (Have you ever noticed that in every grade, they say the next grade won't do reviews, but the next grade always does?) Rather boring class, except for one point, where he showed an absurd way to remember the first few digits of the constant e. (It had something to do with Andrew Jackson's presidency...that's about all I remember.)

After class, I ran into an old friend from Woodbridge. Sean Peckhart is an Apple geek and Star Wars fan; we talked for a minute, but he had a class to go to. He said that IVC (Irvine Valley College, the community college I'm wasting time in) is "just like high school, but without all the social stuff and easier".

I also ran into Nick T17, who was in my Spanish class last semester. (I took Spanish at the college during high school.) Nick is...I think Thai, but I'm not at all sure of that; his last name is so long I can't even remember it, but it starts with a T and has either fifteen or seventeen other letters in it, thus the T17. We spoke briefly, but he was going to lunch.

When I got home, I found that Netflix had sent me Lain #2. Wai. I'll have to re-watch #1 first, though--haven't watched it in months.

Oh, and last night, Nate (yes, nathanbp) sent me an IM asking if we could meet at Griffith Park, where they were holding a Mars viewing party. (He's in California for some sort of wedding, IIRC.) Unfortunately, I made the bad decision two years ago not to pursue a driver's license, so I couldn't meet him. *sighs* Dammit, Mars, why couldn't you be close in September, when I'll have my license? *shakes fist at sky*
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