August 31st, 2003

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Six reasons to be waiful

A good day...

The goodness started last night, after a long and rather miserable car drive. We got to the room, and found that 'net access was $6/night, which started the usual conversation.

Me: If it's a problem, I'll pay.
Parents: Nonsense, we'll handle it.

Once I got on, Lights gave me good news last night. Can't discuss it, but it was good. :^) That's Wai-1.

So...went to sleep eventually. Woke up fairly early, but not that early. Spent some time online before my dad came back to the room from dropping the rest of the family off. (We're up here for a Scottish festival--my mom signs books, and my brother's earning money working for the same vendor. Of course, he'll probably blow it all on pointy things from the armory booth.)

Once Dad got back, we tried to go to the hotel breakfast, but they closed a few minutes before we got there. So we decided what we wanted to do--get a few things (including a device from Fry's) and then go to the Tech Museum of Innovation--, pulled directions off Mapquest, and started driving.

Well, we pulled out of the parking lot and spotted a shop called "Central Computers". We figured that the device we wanted might be available there, so we stopped there.

Central Computers is a fairly big mom-and-pop sort of place. They did, in fact, have the device we wanted (an inverter, used to convert a car's DC power into a normal AC plug). They also had it a few bucks cheaper than we thought it would be, so we bought it and left.

This means I can use the laptop in the car on the way home without worrying about battery life. Wai-2.

We drove on, and tried to find a coffee shop. We eventually gave up, and I got breakfast at a fast food place--a cheeseburger and fries from In-'n-Out. They're a California-only chain that only serves hamburgers and fries (and drinks, including great shakes that I nonetheless never have). But they're the best burgers and fries anybody makes, and in fact are the only burgers I like.

We drove on, eventually getting to The Tech. The exhibits at The Tech were mostly targeted towards children, but they were interesting enough, especially the ones about chip fabrication. But the real treat was the Segway--they had a demo of it, and people were allowed to ride. it was a bit harder to handle than I'd thought it would, but it was still quite intuitive. Wai-3.

We met up with some of Dad's family who live in this area (an aunt and her husband) and then picked up the people who were at the fair. They had a mint Aero bar waiting for me. Aero is a British chocolate bar with air bubbles in it--it's very light and quite good.

We went to dinner at Sizzler, then went to a Borders. Their manga selection was the best I've seen in a mainstream bookstore: five rows of three shelves. They had IY #4, but since Phy's sending it to me (*glomps*) I didn't get it. They also had 5 and 6 (and probably more) in their old printing, but I decided to wait until the new one came out.

What I did get was Chobits 4-6. I'm saving them for tomorrow and the day after (the drive home is Monday), but this is rather nice, since I wasn't able to get 4 from my home bookstore. This is Wai-4.

We went back to my aunt's house and played a game. The game is called "Catch Phrase"--it's one of those "get your team to guess the word" games. Gems from the game:

(Word: rescue)
Me: Okay, the knight in shining armor blanks the princess.
Everyone: *bursts out laughing*

(Word: slap...there's only a few seconds left)
Brother: *slaps sister lightly*
Dad and I: SLAP!
Brother: *hands off word thingy*

Anyway, my team won. The whole game overall was Wai-5.

I got home and got online. C-kun gave me news that madde the first news even better. Wai-6.

So, I'm waiful, and with good reason...

Tomorrow, I'll be spending most of my time at the festival...not quite sure what I'll be doing there, but it'll probably be reasonably fun.
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